Saturday, August 7, 2010

Story of a Baseline or Beat By Shade Law

To understand the Artist here and me especially, you need to understand a bit how we work. The process is different for each of us, but the depth in which we go is the same. Passion will always be Passion. Here the Video that I did relates to Music, later the other Writers (or myself) will discuss other areas of the Entertainment Industry. For now, I will be speaking on only what I know with my creations of Music.

The Video here is a High Tech Video, but the primary focus will be Music. As we know Video is Viral thanks to Google and You Tube, but seriously it is the Music that propels the Video and shapes it. The texture of any Video's core is Music. Why? Well hopefully if it is scored right, it will pull the Audience in no matter the actual topic.

Music is a healing Art form, that heals the Artist FIRST, anyone else who receives a healing from the tones of life and soul.... well that's a side Blessing. Many question how this works, I don't know, but vibrations and tonality do assist the body, mind, and soul. It's quite fun for the Artist to then sit back and watch their creation simply.... be alive.

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