Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mental Equivalent: Redefining Words

Lets get real here ok? Words have meaning and power, but their definition needs to be dealt with on a more feeling level and re-expressed at an Individual's level of feeling and or expression. Misunderstanding... can only happen in Art, Music, or the Entertainment Industry as a whole, when someone else's judgment pattern insist that "your just not quite doing that right or saying it right."Just because "Business" does it wrong dose not mean that those of us in Business seek to follow the trend of those before us who could care less about ethics, feeling, or the broader message. I'm gonna speak about what I believe in, as far as "flipping the switch." 

We begin this process of "flipping the switch," when we can get over the need to be right, and the need to think that some else has to be wrong, in order for us to be right. The real issue really is that (in this Country at least) we tend to have an US vs THEM attitude. As long as that prevails no words will ever break through that wall. Art suffers, and real communication fails dismally. The attachment of hurt and pain is too real in the so called  "meaning" of words, to have those kinds of walls to break down. Why? simply because the attachment to the words meaning doesn't go any deeper than the flesh wound.

Music For The Soul - THE - Brand Of Spirit

SiriSat - Julia Claire´s wide experience as a vocalist & dancer has taken her through an adventurous journey of transformation through publishing many hit dance / pop records, since the late eighties performing worldwide & on TV with her own band & dancers.
Through her spiritual discovery as a Yoga teacher & Reiki Master over the last 20 years she currently composes, records & performs music inspired by her lifestyle through Healing & Meditation.

To begin the journey   of hearing beyond one's thoughts, is to begin to hear one's own inner Music. Many of these Musicians write directly from a Soul Level, beyond even the heart. "The Silence" achieves a Music Brand that is beyond the "condition" of life into a amalgamated reality of integration of Spirit and Soul along with SiriSat and Bruce Black who incorporates a feel of life's reality.... with a Solution.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

“Religion Who Needs It?”

“Religion Who Needs It?”

by: Jodie Picken CoAuthor
(all righ
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From “The Reverse NeuroLinguistic
Programming Internet Series” ©2008

As human beings we tend to fear what we do not understand. We fear death as there is no solid evidence of an "after life", of heaven and of continued existence in some way, shape or form.

Religion does provide a systematic process of stages of death and what supposedly happens when life as we know it becomes extinct. However, religion also provides a solid foundation to breed intense levels of fear from a very young age.

"All religions work on the principle of exposing each new generation to a single worldview,to the exclusion of all others, in a repetitious and authoritative manner. Doubts, as to the veracity of such 'teachings' are not encouraged, indeed, are not tolerated.Once learned, the information so gained is retained for life, allowing it to take on aninstinctive mantle in later years. As with all acquired knowledge, such as learning to ride a bicycle or rote remembrance of mathematical time's tables, once taught, unlearning is not an easy option"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Brand of Powerful Messages

Jordan Reyne 2009Image via Wikipedia
In a complex world what makes you stand out? What is keeping it Real truly about? What is Image? What is YOUR Reality? and... How do you reach out to touch another, through powerful visualizations, when your vision... is being seen through the lens of some one other than you...?

Music is a tool, that has a brand, it's a tool that expresses a "Brand," or viewpoint, or concept of the Composer. Many will argue that "Branding" isn't important, you don't need a "Brand." However, if there were no real distinctive Brands, their would be no real individualized expression in Music or the Arts. The Music would clearly suffer. A Brand signifies the professionalism of the Artist, and takes the Artist out of a "formula based" sounding all alike regime. The individual comes into the real expression of their work, instead of sounding like a drone's copy of another.

The True Self Image all about Nancy B Live

Screen Actors GuildImage via Wikipedia
We really do get lost in Image, age is a lie when hearts still wish to express. Please enjoy this Song and let the words carry you into a reality of deep thought. And.... be good to your Mom and Dad, they have songs in their hearts too. And Now: "One More Song To Sing By Nancy B"

Nancy B Live: Her Link is under "Our Customers." Nancy is an Author and an Actress and is registered with SAG. Her Book "Life is a Game and You can Play it" is available by ordering from her WebSite. A Striking Concept Production.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Michael Hartman and the Appendages (keeping it REAL)

Branding in Music takes on many levels, in my last Blog we spoke of Techno and Stylized Vocals.... Here with "Michael Hartman and the Appendages" your going to see why the Music Business enjoys a complexity of Live active arrangements that have the instrumentals and vocals intertwine within a Studio Production.

Studio work is a interaction with multiple Artist or a single multifaceted Artist (that plays many instruments) that craft their work into a sound arrangement. Track by track each layer is a feat of wonderment as the song is literally shaped into an amazing story, feeling, emotion, or reality.

Experience, is having the patience to stay with it until it's done right, and by right I mean... YOU must enjoy your work first. It's part of that confidence that Mr. Roger speaks of in his fine Article. It is also what Striking Concept tries to express with each Video that we produce for our Customers at Striking Concept You Tube or our commentaries at lawsofexpression at You Tube. And that's why Michael Hartman is so profound, he keeps it REAL. And that my Friend will get you anywhere in any craft your working at. BLESSINGS!

Michael has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. His passion for music is evident in the songs that have materialized. He has devoted his time to becoming very apt at many instruments! you can listen to Michael's work on the left hand side of the Blog under my work. His link to his Site at Reverb Nation will be under his Song.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Brand of Techno and Stylized Music

Music is formatted in many ways. One of the more concentrated ways of approaching Music today, is a combination of stylized and technical approaches. It's a Brand that uses a unique rhythm pattern of technical programs as well as stylized voice approaches. This unique Brand, allows the Artist the creative flow to go into two major fields. One is Film or Video which is my Sound Track Approach, and Two: a more dance effect for Live performances. Noise Flower takes the approach for Live Music, and is quite good at what she produces. Branding herself into a market that calls for a Live Audience, yet most of her work (go to her Site at Reverb Nation Link Provided under her Song at LEFT) could be used for a Sound Track for a Motion Picture or a TV opening. Because we all know here, that Branding is very important for the Business approach of selling or marketing what it is you have to offer... being new to this, isn't an excuse Love. You must try everyday at your craft (Acting, Directing, or Social Commentary) whatever your into, build on that everyday... this makes your Craft explode. Everyone taking this attitude can't help but succeed. A song of Noise Flower is under my work, so check her work out as well. It really does come down to selling your self image, and what an image that can be when you believe in yourself!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time To Grow

Getting the job done through Video is FUN! Your area of expertise is your area of value to not only YOU but others who look for your services. If your in Sales, a Brand would help, if your an Author, Musician, Actor, or Teacher a Video can work wonders to who YOU wish to target in a Social Network or on the Internet itself. You can go long in your message, but I would suggest not over two minutes this will keep the audiences attention and help you build your list of Followers and or Customers depending on what is is you want out of the process.

If your in Business, then treat your list of what you want to achieve as a Business. If your in any other area of expertise, then again treat your list of what you want as an avenue of how you desire to approach your Target area of followers. It really still comes down to, having fun and loving ~ really Loving what you do rather Business or other avenues of Socializing or making money. But make up your mind, especially on the Internet. Do you want to be Social, or get across your point. It's ok to be Social, otherwise your a stick in the mud.... But if you want to make money, and work a Business, then make a list of what you want to accomplish and look at your BRAND.... is it "saying anything?" If not it's ok to ask those that do know how to brand through Video for help.