Friday, August 31, 2012

FTF Films: Do You See What I See? [HD]

This Film By FTF Films has been up-down-up-down no one really wants YOU to see it! Again FTF managed to get the Film up. I hope it stays up share it, spread the word, wake folks up. Powerful Cinematic Score! Profound Visuals! And a Lasting Message! This Film is my Favorite. I am so proud to host it here with the very best Films and Short Films from us and our talented Friends. This Friend is also my Film Instructor. He is the Best at what he produces and you need to see his Library at his Site as well.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guitar Center's Drum-Off '12 Sign Up NOW!

The world's premier drum competition is back! Sign-up now at any Guitar Center nationwide for your chance to win $25,000 cash, gear, and endorsement deals, and more! 
Visit for more info. 
and check out MORE Details at Devotions Recording's Blog
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Battle Is Always Within-Gun Cocked and Loaded

It’s been a hard week or so… Numbers cascading growing then shrinking, then growing again. All from “key loggers” who rape the individual computers of their bank Accounts and Pay-Pal. Bigger Banks who prey on their need for Greed, and Pay-Pal who remains within integrity…. Fighting for re-compensation. And their I stood alone… or so I thought till one hand reached out in the darkness and shed a light of hope, then another and another. Hundreds of dollars gone to the point that even small numbers like my Label cost seemed enormous. Sometimes I am so very tired and have been for many-many-many years. It started with fighting for my health in 1999.

Stricken with Multiple Scleroses I began the fight quite simply… Fighting with my strongest weapons, work, prayer, and faith I was fully determined never to land in a wheelchair or in my case a mental ward because of the sheaths area near the hypothalamus area was 90% eaten. 90% of my emotional sheaths center is gone, so… I fought, and fought hard the Doctors who now stand amazed. I knew that the “Law” of the Universe was behind me and that the “Love” of the Universe would not let me down. I would be healed, that was the bottom-line, it’s done… and that’s what happened. I have been in remission for over ten years with no apparent residual effect. 

As time went on I became well, to the amazement of my Doctors, but then my Friend of 35 years fell ill and I became a caretaker. Well that’s a hard job in and of itself, but then I found in 2000 On-Line Film-Music-Videos and realized; “Hey I can learn this!” So began my journey that brings me to this point of “Devotions Recording” 2010 start date. I found Friends; my first Friend in 2000 from MySpace Derek of Feed The Fire Films became not only a good Friend but my Film Instructor for Sony Vegas for Film-Video and Sony Acid for Music. Jodie P Floss from Ning became not only my Dearest Friend but Partners in Striking Concept Films-Video. Gentle Rains from Ning also jumped in for many a project as a WebMaster and Writer at my Ning Site Prayer Partners Unite and then X~Ray Your Soul ~1. Lazarus the Resurrected from MySpace one of the top HTML-CSS writers around for WebSite Building and Sam McFarland was my oldest friend from the On-Line Business world; she introduced me to the cream of the crop like Scott Crowley and Kathy Hamilton. These are my First Ones, the First On-Line Friends in this new world I entered.