Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is Independent Films Suffering Getting The Truth Out?


Powerful communications with Feed The Fire Films and "the arm of big business." I found for myself that when "we" as Independent Film makers want to help our Friends and the world wake up, that many times we run into the profound arrogance of the established icons who truly make their money off of the backs of the true talent. In fact "these business men" would be nothing without the infused, conscious, aware, and deliberate ability to Love and create that is created by the "original" developer of the "concept."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Devotions Recording is NEW at Reverbnation

With New Artist, this label is exciting. Featured at X~Ray Your Soul~1 Devotions kicks off it's week with exciting Artist like Ryo Utasato, Frank Weyzig, Jaki Song, Beatmistress Cait, Noise Flower, P Eric Bailey, and a profound Soundtrack Artist Andrew Skelton.

An inspiration off of the very Professional Label at Reverbnation "Turmoil Music," Shade Law has set out to quantify Soundtrack feel work. Soundtrack seems to get lost in the mix of things at most Sites. Some don't even have a distinction for Soundtrack work. It's a level of music that does get lost in the mix so to say. Never lost in Film, but lost on the net so to say. Devotions Recording and Striking Concept Videos wants to change that.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Soul of One Man Video By Striking Concept

It is an honor to work with this man, truly his soul is a marvelous one, just listen to his music and let it travel through your heart.