Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Quiet Time

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Scribd is where I go when it's quiet time. Sometimes You Tube, or Reverb Nation. But mostly I turn within and write. Writing is actually my first Love, and many times I forget that. The simulations of the Net can be a bit too much sometimes for me. I do have a life outside the Internet, that sometimes I forget about lol! Not really wise to do that. I work hard in whatever I do, and after putting in 

1,480hours for our Corporate account, I find myself finally returning to writing about what is going on in my little community here. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Space, No Choice, No Jobs... the inappropriate use of Logos

In this day and age of Brands, Branding, Logos, and countless Internet and Big Corporations actually taking our Votes away through purchasing Congress. The Bold attitudes of Big Business is killing honest small Business whose Brands and Logos are honest. Small Business actually cares, being a small Business I care. My Partner and I are always looking to better the world by improving a message through the arts and music that is not "formula music" and art that is not stagnant or lifestyle based. I was over at You Tube and found one of FTFs Films, I'm taking a long needed break but wanted to address this because it's important for folks to know that their are real folks out there who are in Business who actually care. But to find them, you need to be aware of the Psychology of those who do NOT care about the public as a whole. They only care about their bottom-line. It's always a great honor to get an education through Music and Film for me so I hope you too, get something out of this production by Feed The Fire's "Hardcore Truth" Film.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where is the Music Industry Going?

Where is the Music Industry Going?: Where is the Music Industry Going?: "In order to figure out where the Industry is going, we need to look back to see where it has come from. My earliest recollection is of 78 rp..."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

NX Schell's - The Last Man - Striking Concept's Video Choice

Stalking on any level - Last time I checked - is still a CRIME

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Technology is cool, it's great on the Net, the many tools one can use to stay connected to THOSE you WANT to stay connected to is Awesome. We like our tool Feedjit, how ever... shame on you Google - Gadjets you must have made something that circumvents Blogger's Blocking capabilities.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Magnificent Style ft Lady Gaga - Alejandro remix

Vocals: Lady Gaga
Beat: Magnificent Style
Production: Magnificent Style

His Name says it all, a Magnificent Beat, his Style call for hard and soft ebbs and flow to his sound. He is Magnificent Style and his Music says it all. 


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Gotta A Life Or Do I?

© 2008 J Picken

Monday, August 9, 2010

Music -The Heart of Life

Music can be just noise, or Noise with a Purpose. Noise with a Heart. Noise with a Soul. 

When I first heard Noise Flower's Music Composition,  "Time," I saw waterfalls, universes, and heard the heartbeat of God. THIS IS THE SURPRISE. Open your heart to the sound of Noise Flower.

This Video was made with much respect, love, and is dedicated to Noise Flower. And is for her whenever she gets a breather so I can email it to her, mmmmm hope she's at gmail, at 24.5MG it will be hard to get it to her through any other provider LOL


You can visit Noise Flower at Reverb Nation Link to the left of Blog
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A Line In The Sand

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No this isn't the surprise that everyone is waiting for. This is about Friendship, this is about how Business can destroy all levels of feeling and heart and emotion and reality that is supposed to be Universal.... I believe in God, and I believed in a Friend that now must make a choice between years or weeks.  Where is the heart of Business that it has become so sterile, so surreal. Maybe I'm just to old, maybe I am blind, or maybe on-line Businesses are just too dead and lifeless to bother with. I have to say that I miss the contact of real people, real Friends who deeply know me. 

It's not to say I haven't met really good people on-line but the threads of  reality are short at best in this fiber age. Who are you on-line? Does ego and money mean that much that we no longer see the beauty of just one flower or hear the song of just one bird? Or are we no better on-line then those who would soon crush the very life out of us through religion and politics. 

A good Friend of mine sent me a Video to remind me, this "Business stuff" isn't that important at the loss of your heart. Well he didn't really say that, but I got the message 6 hours later when another Friend drew a line in the sand. There is no choice but to let go, before my heart does harden and I'm worse for something that never happened.

You need to watch this Video, before it's too late, and the machine kills you and the ego devours you, and you become lost and so weak, because your no longer in control.

Business can be a truth, but only if the heart is involved deeply. Striking Concept will do no more Business with ANY on-line Company again. We will only now place our services in the Arts, Entertainment, Music, and one day I would like to create a Documentary with my own Music. But for now, done opening my heart to those who draw the lines in the sands. Thank you "Hard Core Truth."
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tell Verizon To Take A Hike

Again with Net Neutrality! Again with Artist, Bloggers, and the Social Networks under siege. Google is a good Company but they might be buckling please Sign the Petition HERE and help Google make a good choice.

Story of a Baseline or Beat By Shade Law

To understand the Artist here and me especially, you need to understand a bit how we work. The process is different for each of us, but the depth in which we go is the same. Passion will always be Passion. Here the Video that I did relates to Music, later the other Writers (or myself) will discuss other areas of the Entertainment Industry. For now, I will be speaking on only what I know with my creations of Music.

The Video here is a High Tech Video, but the primary focus will be Music. As we know Video is Viral thanks to Google and You Tube, but seriously it is the Music that propels the Video and shapes it. The texture of any Video's core is Music. Why? Well hopefully if it is scored right, it will pull the Audience in no matter the actual topic.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Designing and Working with Messages In Video

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Touchy Subjects UuuuuUUuuuu. Ok, lets hit the topic running, Religion - baddd word, Politics - Oh My - quite Frighting, and Sex! Oh God NOT again with who is sleeping with whom... AGAIN!   P L E A S E

Video is quite powerful, it's a dynamic that allows a whole different ball of wax to appear, why? Because you can seeeeee it Love! Seeing stuff pulls in different kind of emotions, thoughts, and most of all reactions. So it get's a little tricky because Video has been a long time favorite of Neuro Linguistic Programming. How does one reverse the long time effects of NLP, that were done to either subjugate, rule over, or at worst ruin lives. Well, being the nosey butt that I am, I went rummaging through my Friends over at Reverb Nation and hit upon a Song whose lyrics caught my heart and my attention.

Monday, August 2, 2010

“Gifting To Oneself”

by: Jodie Picken CoAuthor
(all rights reserved)
From “The Reverse NeuroLinguistic
Programming Internet Series” ©2008

The general consensus suggests that the art of giving to ones self is, in essence, selfish behavior. The constraints of societal conditioning would have us believe that we would not only be selfish, but also greedy, thoughtless and self centered. So tell me… if one spends all their time giving to others in some, way shape or form, do they not, at some time, deserve something?

The necessity or need to please others, to give to others, to self sacrifice is endorsed. If this is endorsed for others, then why can we not endorse it for our own selves? Interesting is it not… give something to yourself, whether small or large, and start feeling guilty. Hey those well programmed thought patterns leap up and start blabbing about the need of others being so much higher then your own.

At this stage we begin believing others are more deserving, needier then ourselves. How have we allowed ourselves to be manipulated to such a degree that we have forgotten the importance of wholeness of our own being, to be holistically complete is quite interesting at best. If we are not complete within ourselves how can we effectively give, help and support others? How can we give something that we do not have to give?

The Brand of Video Creation: Topic Music - Noise Flower

Image by spike55151 via Flickr

The most powerful way to get your work out successfully and Brand it properly is through Video. Why, because "Video Is Viral."Being a Videoographer has it's responsibilities, even if your creation is an "interpretation." Using others photos or Artwork for example, must contain somewhere their name, using someones Music must contain their name and or production home if required (especially an independent). Tools of the trade are actually quite easy to use, the Technology for creating Videos is kinda cool, but if you want to keep your Friends and or Clients happy, editing the Video to fit the Artist demands better be in place.

Professionalism and competition pretty much demands that one seeking a profession in this line of work, adhere to what the Client or creator of said Music or Video project needs. A consistency of materials is also needed.  This consistency shows up in editing, too many Intros or End Tags for instance, can throw the viewer completely off. A standard, recognizable intro, or even End Tag consistently placed works wonders. A Lecture Video for instance would have a clear cut End Tag that can be placed at the beginning or end of a Video. 10 to 17secs of pure free advertising I say is cool! Something clearly that makes YOUR WORK noticeably YOURS.