Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Space, No Choice, No Jobs... the inappropriate use of Logos

In this day and age of Brands, Branding, Logos, and countless Internet and Big Corporations actually taking our Votes away through purchasing Congress. The Bold attitudes of Big Business is killing honest small Business whose Brands and Logos are honest. Small Business actually cares, being a small Business I care. My Partner and I are always looking to better the world by improving a message through the arts and music that is not "formula music" and art that is not stagnant or lifestyle based. I was over at You Tube and found one of FTFs Films, I'm taking a long needed break but wanted to address this because it's important for folks to know that their are real folks out there who are in Business who actually care. But to find them, you need to be aware of the Psychology of those who do NOT care about the public as a whole. They only care about their bottom-line. It's always a great honor to get an education through Music and Film for me so I hope you too, get something out of this production by Feed The Fire's "Hardcore Truth" Film.

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