Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Someone forgot to turn off the light

When we work and work and work, and forget to take a breath~we forget who and what we are. My God, someone forgot to turn out the light. And then~and then~and then... the floods come, overwhelming to the mind, overwhelming to the soul, overwhelming to the senses. I need a break so I stayed up to update the Blog, and now will be gone from the net for a month or so. No seriously, I gotta do this now, for me. My mind is screaming I have failed this year and the light is too dang bright. So while receiving the Blessing of Music from my Friends at Reverbnation, I hit the woman who saved me before I knew any of you. Thank you SariSat. Art is a mosaic, fragile and sweet but deadly if overwhelmed. Love can be toxic if not delivered gently and in the right portions. The mind is a terrible thing to waste but even more terrible to loose. Holidays are so tiring, but necessary to make us all rest a bit. To make us all on-line, remember there is more to remember, and more to be with ~ within our self. More to be with ~ within the world we tend to escape while here on-line. There are other Friends with flesh, Uuuuuuuu.... now what? There are other experiences, what might they be? Other senses that replenish  what is needed from the daunting year. Yep I do look forward to my time off. Have GREAT Holidays Friends! I will too.


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Inside the Mind of Genius beatmistresscait A Striking Concept Video Production



Masters of the Universe A Striking Concept Video Production

From our National Geographic Film Library


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Love, The Work, The Practical Reality

Your sitting in front of your computer, or keyboard, or holding your heart in your hands. Your instrument is your voice, you see it, feel it, but can't express it on Film. This is what Striking Concept is about. We bring that expression to life. But your new to it all and don't have extra money for a Video for You Tube. You don't have a budget for a Film. Well if we get help here... You Will. Pay Pal is assisting us to do just that, pass this to all of your Friends and have them post it as well and Pay Pal will donate to the largest distribute of this message. Let Short Films like "Maters of the Universe" live on forever, not only in song but in visuals forever. Thank you and Blessings! CLICK HERE
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