Monday, August 2, 2010

“Gifting To Oneself”

by: Jodie Picken CoAuthor
(all rights reserved)
From “The Reverse NeuroLinguistic
Programming Internet Series” ©2008

The general consensus suggests that the art of giving to ones self is, in essence, selfish behavior. The constraints of societal conditioning would have us believe that we would not only be selfish, but also greedy, thoughtless and self centered. So tell me… if one spends all their time giving to others in some, way shape or form, do they not, at some time, deserve something?

The necessity or need to please others, to give to others, to self sacrifice is endorsed. If this is endorsed for others, then why can we not endorse it for our own selves? Interesting is it not… give something to yourself, whether small or large, and start feeling guilty. Hey those well programmed thought patterns leap up and start blabbing about the need of others being so much higher then your own.

At this stage we begin believing others are more deserving, needier then ourselves. How have we allowed ourselves to be manipulated to such a degree that we have forgotten the importance of wholeness of our own being, to be holistically complete is quite interesting at best. If we are not complete within ourselves how can we effectively give, help and support others? How can we give something that we do not have to give?

In order to provide the necessary assistance to others we need to assist ourselves and learn to give to ourselves and accept this. It is imperative if we wish to give to others in any capacity. We need to break free of the illusion of selfishness, greediness thoughtlessness and selfcenteredness and do what we need to do to keep ourselves whole and functioning to the optimum ability possible.

So next time your inner self screams for a moments peace and needs to get away, do not permit that martyrdom mentality, that we have all been so well conditioned by... to overcome our own natural need for inner peace. In fact, view it from this perspective… a brief respite now will maintain and assist the wholeness I need to continue to give what I need to give to others. Giving to others means you also have the ability to give to yourself.

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