Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Gotta A Life Or Do I?

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Our world…full of war, hate, discrimination, health issues. Where are we heading, what will this world be like in 10 years, when will we wake up and smell the coffee?
Justifications are all we hear. “We need this war”, say what? Who needs war? Have we lost the plot? So, we need to kill each other? I guess so, that’s what we’re told, so it must be true. Ah but you see, war runs deeper then the obvious justifications. Many high flaunting socialites, including those in the political realm, stand to gain significantly from the suffering of others during war.
Oil…let’s get control the oil, then we control the world’s primary fuel source and on top of that we can dictate what it costs. Too bad if people can’t live or, in the case, of war don’t live. Oh let’s go back to horses and carts, oh, no, wait…they’ll still find some method of control. Control is power, power is a valuable commodity. You see power gets you where you need to go, gets you what you want. Even power is an illusion, it only exists if others permit it to. Acknowledge that someone has power over you and they will have.

It’s a bit harder when the power exists in organizations which are purportedly in place to lead or direct given societies or communities. Although, basically, we’ve given that power, the power to have power so to speak.
Discrimination, racism, hate are excellent tools of manipulation. They cause segregation; they reduce the power of the people through dividing and conquering. Wow what a great divisional tactic, pit one part of society against another and hey, they won’t notice the important stuff. It’s really not difficult to achieve, we see it happen everyday on a smaller scale, just surf the net and see for yourself. Oh and take notice of the justifications, laughable at best.

Sort of diminishes the whole concept of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, in fact, we’re encourage to do the complete opposite. Personally, I don’t care if you’re black or white or pink with purple spots. Let’s gain a bit of common sense here, we are the same biologically, we all have blood, bones, brains. We are all human beings despite our origins, despite our appearances. Got to love the internet for meeting people, I do. You see these issues don’t tend to affect the relationships developed because you get to know the person for the person, not for what they look like, not for their race or origins. A shame society as a collective doesn’t take a hint from the internet.
Oh and now let’s look at the world’s health issues. Health is very much put up for ransom. Hey, if you have the most money, you get the best health care. The world health organization, gotta feel some sympathy for them, they mean well, but honestly there is very little equality of access to health care. I’m not talking about your average visit to your local general practitioner, but accessing services to either assist in preventing illness or those that could prevent further hospital admissions, not to mention access to appropriate mdeciation. Oh and hell, some countries you’d be lucky to come out of hospital alive, such is the substandard of clinical care offered. Make sure you say your prayers prior to admission, hope God is listening, hope you get answered prayer and actually survive the hospital ordeal.
Even health care has become a commodity of financial gain, another way of controlling. So much for God determining who lives and dies, now that’s the job of those who hold the power. You know, there have been rumors around for years that there is actually a cure for cancer. Just think of the implications if, this is in fact, true. Pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars, specialists would be unemployed. Well, there was a case a little while ago where a doctor had devised his own specific treatment for cancer, it involved utilizing special machinery. He had exceptional success, many were cured.
Those that sung his praises wanted to announce to the general public about the miraculous cure. Sure they did, it hit the current affairs programs, also hit the government who launched a so called investigation. Oh you can guess what happened next…yeah the doctor was branded a fraud, it was published that his treatment was fraudulent. Did not matter that many of his patients had been terminal and had been refused any further treatment by other doctors. Guess what, he saved them and despite their testimonials and medical evidence, our poor doctor was driven out of the medical profession and barred from discussing his treatment process. No for once not in the USA!

So where will we be 10 years from now? Still killing each other, very sick and full of hate. Perhaps we all need to pray that the spiritualist community is correct, that 2012 will be the year the new earth appears, the year of change, the year of ascension. God knows we need saving from ourselves.
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