Monday, August 9, 2010

A Line In The Sand

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No this isn't the surprise that everyone is waiting for. This is about Friendship, this is about how Business can destroy all levels of feeling and heart and emotion and reality that is supposed to be Universal.... I believe in God, and I believed in a Friend that now must make a choice between years or weeks.  Where is the heart of Business that it has become so sterile, so surreal. Maybe I'm just to old, maybe I am blind, or maybe on-line Businesses are just too dead and lifeless to bother with. I have to say that I miss the contact of real people, real Friends who deeply know me. 

It's not to say I haven't met really good people on-line but the threads of  reality are short at best in this fiber age. Who are you on-line? Does ego and money mean that much that we no longer see the beauty of just one flower or hear the song of just one bird? Or are we no better on-line then those who would soon crush the very life out of us through religion and politics. 

A good Friend of mine sent me a Video to remind me, this "Business stuff" isn't that important at the loss of your heart. Well he didn't really say that, but I got the message 6 hours later when another Friend drew a line in the sand. There is no choice but to let go, before my heart does harden and I'm worse for something that never happened.

You need to watch this Video, before it's too late, and the machine kills you and the ego devours you, and you become lost and so weak, because your no longer in control.

Business can be a truth, but only if the heart is involved deeply. Striking Concept will do no more Business with ANY on-line Company again. We will only now place our services in the Arts, Entertainment, Music, and one day I would like to create a Documentary with my own Music. But for now, done opening my heart to those who draw the lines in the sands. Thank you "Hard Core Truth."
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