Monday, August 2, 2010

The Brand of Video Creation: Topic Music - Noise Flower

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The most powerful way to get your work out successfully and Brand it properly is through Video. Why, because "Video Is Viral."Being a Videoographer has it's responsibilities, even if your creation is an "interpretation." Using others photos or Artwork for example, must contain somewhere their name, using someones Music must contain their name and or production home if required (especially an independent). Tools of the trade are actually quite easy to use, the Technology for creating Videos is kinda cool, but if you want to keep your Friends and or Clients happy, editing the Video to fit the Artist demands better be in place.

Professionalism and competition pretty much demands that one seeking a profession in this line of work, adhere to what the Client or creator of said Music or Video project needs. A consistency of materials is also needed.  This consistency shows up in editing, too many Intros or End Tags for instance, can throw the viewer completely off. A standard, recognizable intro, or even End Tag consistently placed works wonders. A Lecture Video for instance would have a clear cut End Tag that can be placed at the beginning or end of a Video. 10 to 17secs of pure free advertising I say is cool! Something clearly that makes YOUR WORK noticeably YOURS.

When working with others on a project, it's good to get a list out. Use a "storyboard" to be your guide. So what's on this "storyboard?" Links, names of Artist and or Musicians, location of Artist Graphics or pictures should be in your Video's line up. This would be of GREAT help for who ever has to edit the darn thing LOL. This is called "frame work," where each "frame" has a specific location and whats on it and that's a great start for a "storyboard."

Music, and framing it up. Rather your going to interpret a feeling for a piece of Music, or going to develop a "storyboard" to actually follow the Lyrics of the Music... It's important to clearly know what your setting up frame by frame if need be. This will make the "transitions" go a lot easier also. A "transition" is that point where you see one frame go away and another replace it.

Hiring the right Video Company that's right for you. Well Branding through Video is hard enough without going towards the wrong Company. Say for instance if you want slick movable parts or static stills then your want to have a Company that specializes in either movable parts or static stills (Striking Concepts does both). One is for High Tech the other can be either in Video form or go straight to Print Media. I hadn't planned on sharing a tip or two today. So we can all blame Noise Flower, her song is so inspiring that I just went off today lol! Tangent over


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