Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Quiet Time

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Scribd is where I go when it's quiet time. Sometimes You Tube, or Reverb Nation. But mostly I turn within and write. Writing is actually my first Love, and many times I forget that. The simulations of the Net can be a bit too much sometimes for me. I do have a life outside the Internet, that sometimes I forget about lol! Not really wise to do that. I work hard in whatever I do, and after putting in 

1,480hours for our Corporate account, I find myself finally returning to writing about what is going on in my little community here. 

Sometimes we hide our heads in the sands, yet music will always rise from the heart, words unspoken will always reveal themselves, and thoughts that swirl no pause and reveal even more in The Quite Time.

I think I work a lot of hours to escape the "Oh God now what does she want?" It's hard being a caretaker of a friend. Hard wondering if your steady anymore, in feeling, mind or heart, when someone is ill, and tag your it. You are their only world, yet you have a Business to run, and your trying to stay steady in thoughts, word, deed and actions. Consistency is a big thing with me. And quality of life is a bigger thing with me as well. Music, Writing, The Arts have always saved my butt. It is here in this Quiet that I can let go of stuff that bothers me. Sometimes I share, sometimes not. Little ripples of notes are not always shared, their mine to keep me alive. Short phrases, left for me to understand, for they are my link to my heart and.... Ethics. 

I think The Quiet Time is very important, it is the stabling factor that replenishes us for the next big event or the small steps that are needed to get from point A to B. Just thought I would pop in and say HI!


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