Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stalking on any level - Last time I checked - is still a CRIME

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Technology is cool, it's great on the Net, the many tools one can use to stay connected to THOSE you WANT to stay connected to is Awesome. We like our tool Feedjit, how ever... shame on you Google - Gadjets you must have made something that circumvents Blogger's Blocking capabilities.

Conneaut, Ohio arrived from on "Striking ConceptVideos". When a Blogger wants to block a follower, they should have that right to do so. A Blogger, like anyone else in life should feel safe, for whatever reason they choose to make a disconnect... it should be honored and not circumvented. So my Technology question for the day is, does a Ban mean anything to anything to the Tech Companies out there?

I'm the last one to complain about Techs, their bright, very capable folks, and have brought us a long way from the dark ages of old. However, there is a reason all Domains set up a feature to Block a person. It matters not the reason the disconnect is desired, it simply means the disconnect should be honored. Point being persistence in following the person, is considered by Law... stalking. Now rather or not Google made an error or not in their design isn't the issue.... Techs will figure that out just fine, but we all need to know there are steps we can take if we are feeling that we are being stalked.

Start by notifying Google, then move to Blogger itself, if the Technology that you have or are using is causing the breach REMOVE IT! Be patient when waiting for an answer. Techs are often quite busy BUT all of them take any issue of stalking very seriously. AND SO DO WE!

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