Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Designing and Working with Messages In Video

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Touchy Subjects UuuuuUUuuuu. Ok, lets hit the topic running, Religion - baddd word, Politics - Oh My - quite Frighting, and Sex! Oh God NOT again with who is sleeping with whom... AGAIN!   P L E A S E

Video is quite powerful, it's a dynamic that allows a whole different ball of wax to appear, why? Because you can seeeeee it Love! Seeing stuff pulls in different kind of emotions, thoughts, and most of all reactions. So it get's a little tricky because Video has been a long time favorite of Neuro Linguistic Programming. How does one reverse the long time effects of NLP, that were done to either subjugate, rule over, or at worst ruin lives. Well, being the nosey butt that I am, I went rummaging through my Friends over at Reverb Nation and hit upon a Song whose lyrics caught my heart and my attention.

Michael Hartman
 The Song is called "Giving Back." And I thought to myself as I was listening to the Music, it's a Love Song for sure but for whom? This Song has a deeper message, so I sat with it to see what the Song meant for me. When a Song makes me cry, I gotta move on it.

After sitting with the Song I kept seeing God's greatest gift, the Earth and the whole dang Universe, then I knew.... I better rush right over to Reverb Nation and grab my Buddy Mike and ask him could I pleaseeeeeee use his Song in a Video. Besides, I need to really catch up with my Partner Jodie's skillset  on "Story Board" work. Thank heaven that Mike said YES! So here is Michael Hartman and the Appendages Song "Giving Back."

You might have noticed in the Video, it is called "Giving Back" before it's too late, the "before it's too late" is a Sub Title, and one should always ask if you can add a Subtitle to your interpretation of an Artist work. Just another tip for those of you wanting to do this kind of work :0)

Thank you Mr. Hartman for your contribution to this Blog! You can find Mike's Music on left hand side of Blog.

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