Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Someone forgot to turn off the light

When we work and work and work, and forget to take a breath~we forget who and what we are. My God, someone forgot to turn out the light. And then~and then~and then... the floods come, overwhelming to the mind, overwhelming to the soul, overwhelming to the senses. I need a break so I stayed up to update the Blog, and now will be gone from the net for a month or so. No seriously, I gotta do this now, for me. My mind is screaming I have failed this year and the light is too dang bright. So while receiving the Blessing of Music from my Friends at Reverbnation, I hit the woman who saved me before I knew any of you. Thank you SariSat. Art is a mosaic, fragile and sweet but deadly if overwhelmed. Love can be toxic if not delivered gently and in the right portions. The mind is a terrible thing to waste but even more terrible to loose. Holidays are so tiring, but necessary to make us all rest a bit. To make us all on-line, remember there is more to remember, and more to be with ~ within our self. More to be with ~ within the world we tend to escape while here on-line. There are other Friends with flesh, Uuuuuuuu.... now what? There are other experiences, what might they be? Other senses that replenish  what is needed from the daunting year. Yep I do look forward to my time off. Have GREAT Holidays Friends! I will too.


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