Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is Independent Films Suffering Getting The Truth Out?


Powerful communications with Feed The Fire Films and "the arm of big business." I found for myself that when "we" as Independent Film makers want to help our Friends and the world wake up, that many times we run into the profound arrogance of the established icons who truly make their money off of the backs of the true talent. In fact "these business men" would be nothing without the infused, conscious, aware, and deliberate ability to Love and create that is created by the "original" developer of the "concept."

Most of my readers and Friends know the profound effect that FTF Films has had on my work and the kind encouragement that Derek has shown to me that has assisted me in creating first my Videos, and then my Music, so I don't hear the "ya-da-ya-da-ya-da" from You Tube. But what really is entailed with being a true "Independent?" Created law out of thin air dictated by the un-creative business, money only, attitudes, or actual interaction that develops Film at a higher level between Artist who a) know how to create and develop a Concept that is both Striking and Breathtaking as well as informative.....

The watered down crap that we all face now, needs more pop and sizzle to get the mind working. A balance of Music, Visuals, and a keen Production QUALITY is always appreciated. So, is You Tube in error by throwing around a "law?"  Are they wrong in eliminating Derek's You Tube Channel behind a "big Business ego?" You be the judge, read Derek's interesting email communications. You be the judge and tell me why over three hundred EXCELLENT Films are now dead behind one overblown ego. Truth is not owned by any of us, it shines like the Sun and is for all of us. But these are difficult times, and as Kieth Olbermann once said, we all could be turned off just like that......

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