Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time To Grow

Getting the job done through Video is FUN! Your area of expertise is your area of value to not only YOU but others who look for your services. If your in Sales, a Brand would help, if your an Author, Musician, Actor, or Teacher a Video can work wonders to who YOU wish to target in a Social Network or on the Internet itself. You can go long in your message, but I would suggest not over two minutes this will keep the audiences attention and help you build your list of Followers and or Customers depending on what is is you want out of the process.

If your in Business, then treat your list of what you want to achieve as a Business. If your in any other area of expertise, then again treat your list of what you want as an avenue of how you desire to approach your Target area of followers. It really still comes down to, having fun and loving ~ really Loving what you do rather Business or other avenues of Socializing or making money. But make up your mind, especially on the Internet. Do you want to be Social, or get across your point. It's ok to be Social, otherwise your a stick in the mud.... But if you want to make money, and work a Business, then make a list of what you want to accomplish and look at your BRAND.... is it "saying anything?" If not it's ok to ask those that do know how to brand through Video for help.


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