Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Brand of Techno and Stylized Music

Music is formatted in many ways. One of the more concentrated ways of approaching Music today, is a combination of stylized and technical approaches. It's a Brand that uses a unique rhythm pattern of technical programs as well as stylized voice approaches. This unique Brand, allows the Artist the creative flow to go into two major fields. One is Film or Video which is my Sound Track Approach, and Two: a more dance effect for Live performances. Noise Flower takes the approach for Live Music, and is quite good at what she produces. Branding herself into a market that calls for a Live Audience, yet most of her work (go to her Site at Reverb Nation Link Provided under her Song at LEFT) could be used for a Sound Track for a Motion Picture or a TV opening. Because we all know here, that Branding is very important for the Business approach of selling or marketing what it is you have to offer... being new to this, isn't an excuse Love. You must try everyday at your craft (Acting, Directing, or Social Commentary) whatever your into, build on that everyday... this makes your Craft explode. Everyone taking this attitude can't help but succeed. A song of Noise Flower is under my work, so check her work out as well. It really does come down to selling your self image, and what an image that can be when you believe in yourself!


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