Saturday, July 31, 2010

Music For The Soul - THE - Brand Of Spirit

SiriSat - Julia Claire´s wide experience as a vocalist & dancer has taken her through an adventurous journey of transformation through publishing many hit dance / pop records, since the late eighties performing worldwide & on TV with her own band & dancers.
Through her spiritual discovery as a Yoga teacher & Reiki Master over the last 20 years she currently composes, records & performs music inspired by her lifestyle through Healing & Meditation.

To begin the journey   of hearing beyond one's thoughts, is to begin to hear one's own inner Music. Many of these Musicians write directly from a Soul Level, beyond even the heart. "The Silence" achieves a Music Brand that is beyond the "condition" of life into a amalgamated reality of integration of Spirit and Soul along with SiriSat and Bruce Black who incorporates a feel of life's reality.... with a Solution.

Bruce Sprill Black Music: don't let the name fool you, his work is haunting and very real to free up the poor and downtrodden. A realistic approach for today's very complex roads that many of us travel. Bruce has captured (from his point of view Spiritually) a realistic approach to maintain a "workable" balance between, heart, Spirit, and a good Mental outlook. You can check all of these Artist our at Reverb Nation (links provided on left hand side).

For me personally, each of these Artist have come at a point in my life when my Soul was heavy, burdened, or in despair. It is in these times where breakthroughs are needed to go on. When the heart cries for more, and there seems to be no end in sight for ones pain. But the light does come, creativity is within each of us, no matter your craft in life... no matter your goals in life. Music can be entertaining, real, informative, even life changing by learning about other cultures. "We all truly have a song in each of us" Nancy B Live

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