Monday, July 26, 2010

Michael Hartman and the Appendages (keeping it REAL)

Branding in Music takes on many levels, in my last Blog we spoke of Techno and Stylized Vocals.... Here with "Michael Hartman and the Appendages" your going to see why the Music Business enjoys a complexity of Live active arrangements that have the instrumentals and vocals intertwine within a Studio Production.

Studio work is a interaction with multiple Artist or a single multifaceted Artist (that plays many instruments) that craft their work into a sound arrangement. Track by track each layer is a feat of wonderment as the song is literally shaped into an amazing story, feeling, emotion, or reality.

Experience, is having the patience to stay with it until it's done right, and by right I mean... YOU must enjoy your work first. It's part of that confidence that Mr. Roger speaks of in his fine Article. It is also what Striking Concept tries to express with each Video that we produce for our Customers at Striking Concept You Tube or our commentaries at lawsofexpression at You Tube. And that's why Michael Hartman is so profound, he keeps it REAL. And that my Friend will get you anywhere in any craft your working at. BLESSINGS!

Michael has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. His passion for music is evident in the songs that have materialized. He has devoted his time to becoming very apt at many instruments! you can listen to Michael's work on the left hand side of the Blog under my work. His link to his Site at Reverb Nation will be under his Song.

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