Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Brand of Powerful Messages

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In a complex world what makes you stand out? What is keeping it Real truly about? What is Image? What is YOUR Reality? and... How do you reach out to touch another, through powerful visualizations, when your vision... is being seen through the lens of some one other than you...?

Music is a tool, that has a brand, it's a tool that expresses a "Brand," or viewpoint, or concept of the Composer. Many will argue that "Branding" isn't important, you don't need a "Brand." However, if there were no real distinctive Brands, their would be no real individualized expression in Music or the Arts. The Music would clearly suffer. A Brand signifies the professionalism of the Artist, and takes the Artist out of a "formula based" sounding all alike regime. The individual comes into the real expression of their work, instead of sounding like a drone's copy of another.

A perfect example of Non Formula work, that is striking to the ear, and to the heart, is Jordan Reyne's musical compositions.

Jordan Reyne is a New Zealand darkwave musician who combines dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences with ethereal vocal melodies. Jordan usually writes "concept" albums with stories told song by song. Her fifth Album (How the Dead Live) was commissioned by the New Zealand Arts Council and released in June 2009. Reyne has been nominated for numerous national awards in New Zealand and has received considerable critical acclaim internationally.

You have but to hear her work to see why distinctive work is Branded and branded well as unique, one of her Songs is on this Blog to the left under my work here. And is just another way to positively look at why professionals Brand themselves appropriately


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