Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thank You All For Your Kind Wishes!

Sam McFarland and Jodie THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE it was through these Ladies help that I met all of my Medical Co-Pays! Well Ladies and Gents the tough part is done, I'm getting stronger everyday and their is no coughing up blood. Amazing what a bit of good medicine will do. Nothing dangerous like cancer, THANK GOD! Seemed there was this icky bug thing running around and decided to bounce in meeeeeeeee for a hot minute, well the bug thing is moving out so I'm Golden and on the mend. Jodie has told me about all of the kind threads left at Facebook, and Tony has told me about all of the kind sentiments left at MySpace. I want to thank all of you Fans and Artist - Fans alike. Plus I wanted to share this newest creation for all of the kindness shown to me here at Reverb Nation. So check it out:

This is my own Social Network at Wetpaint and I wanted my Readers to know just how kind Everyone has been! I am going to add a Reverb Nation Section to X~Ray when I am better and Feature my Friends. Thank You All
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