Friday, October 15, 2010


Jordan Reyne   |  Hamburg, DE   |  Alternative / Industrial-tinged folk / Antipodean Steampunk
Members: Jordan Reyne, Jordan Reyne

It's Facebook / streamjam show time again this weekend, where I will be bringing you tales of salt, sea and steam, live from Hamburg. Tune in via  for all the fun of avatars, instant chat and beta testing ;) It's a lot of fun and I would love ot see you there!

Local Times: Sat 6pm UK, Sat 7pm Germany, Sunday 6am New Zealand, Sat 10AM Los Angeles, Sat 10am SLT, Sat 4pm New York, Sun 4am Sydney.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shade Law of Devotions Recording with Kathy Hamilton at Blog Talk Radio

Kathy's Facebook Note: Just letting everyone know I am interviewing famous music and recording producer Shade Law tomorrow 10/16/2010 Saturday at 10:00 am pacific time on my Live radio Talk show. hope you come listen.
call in n...umber- 646 200 0820

here is Shade Law's link-

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy, and BLESSINGS!

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