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Shade Law transports the listener through a maelstrom of emotion, using music as a vehicle. Her own personal heartache from years of child abuse to major health issues has shaped Shade Law’s music compositions, with music being the only solace in her young life. Each track is highly poignant and her reactive style takes the listener on their own inner journey from heartache to healing.

By combining her experience in the motion picture industry with her great love of music, Shade Law creates compositions with a soundtrack feel and versatility that is capable of carrying listeners to the realms of the big screen, theater, with a motion picture emotional feeling and or visual. 
Shade Law’s first album, Tribal, is a combination of music born from the soul, creating ambiance, inner reflection, inspiration and motivation, and it is Shade's desire to take listeners through there own heartache to healing.”


SHADE'S NOTES: Well I like my Album because it starts out with my own heart felt passion, Political may-lays, when will we learn to think for ourselves? Sometimes we just lack the civility to have a decent discourse, or an original thought lol!. It happens daily, we get caught up in either fear or deception. Featured in one of my Newest Songs is “Rachel Maddow's” spoken word (concerns) about that awful situation with burning the Koran. Her dedicated News Work, inspired me to write the song “A Nation Divided” with Ms. Maddow speaking the news. The story hit me as to why would anyone want to burn another faith as if that Faith had no purpose, direction or meaning to that person. It is so personal Faith, and that relationship starts with the person's own relationship with whom they call God, and is no ones business... I feel.

This Album has caused to me to ask “Why” about many things. I even reviewed my own life for a moment. Where do we all come from, and how do we move forward right in our own lives, let alone another life, that is quite a question. How can we as individuals or even as a Nation move forward? For me my Music has revolved around “Sound Tracks,” Epic Sound Tracks. Yes I agree with those closest to me, I'm Dramatic lol! But at the same time there is this heart within me that burst open with such JOY and Happiness. 

My Album explores Sound and is an adventure in Sound. It is an adventure in Sounds and the emotions they evoke. Because I have a background in working at Warner Brothers, it's kind of a BIG Sound that inspires me to push on, even in my life. It's all about feeling, and siting inside the feeling, long enough to arrive at a higher feeling. A higher feeling many times can and will produce a higher thought process. And that will produce “critical thinking,” which many times we all lack when dealing with a lower energy of feeling. So it's a new dawn for me, and it's a new concept for me that I am really happy to present. The Album has 5 new Tracks never heard. “Why” is one of them and it's release is in Video form. 

There are folks I wish to thank now, for helping me with this journey that appears within this first Album. I would like to thank Lady Carol of My Space, who has so much faith in me, that even before hearing any of the Tracks rousted her Radio Friend in the UK, and asked him to do an interview with me and play my Music on his Station. I would like to thank Dan Unger, of The Dan Unger Foundation for straight away lending their support and kind wishes. I would like to thank Tony Flames for always listening and then praying for me. I would like to thank Mike (of Michel Hartman and the Appendages) for being my very first Artist Friend at Reverb Nation and always encouraging me. I would like to thank Noise Flower for her encouragement at Reverb Nation, and her thoughts about my Music which has deeply helped forged this Albums arrangement and texture. I would like to thank Sam McFarland for her continued support for me at Reverb Nation our You Tube Channel, our Blog, as well as sharing her contacts at Facebook. I would like to thank Nancy B. Live, Mentor, Friend, and my Minister. Nancy has been with me for years, always lending her shoulder to cry on, and her warm embrace when I am delighted about something, and a stern swift kick in the tush when I needed one.

My Prayer Partner and Para Legal Patti A. Walton and Robbin L., for always keeping me doing the practical Business steps, to not only help myself but others as well. Jerry Banberger my Video Director who is not adverse to saying it like it is... with Love. AmeliaUSA, a gentile young soul, who for some reason thinks this old lady is pretty cool, well Love, I think YOU are pretty dang cool! Gentle Rains, who snapped up EvErY Video ever produced by Knight Productions or Striking Concept, and has always been there whenever I needed her... Thanks Love! I would like to thank two Spiritual Musicians/Artist, SiriSat and Bruce Black Music, there need be no more said here, both have given to me and others many-many healings from deep within. I would like to thank Paris Tompkins for just being HER! EVERY SINGLE FAN EVERYWHERE!

And then there is my right arm.... Jodie P. Floss. My Business Partner, Friend, The Sane and Calm One, who keeps me at an unprecedented level of “production,” with an ever abundance of Faith in myself that grows day by day, not be hampered by fear. Truly Jodie helps me with many day to day applications, but the strongest one is “your afraid, do it anyway.” HA! There is hope for me yet! Lol!

I would now like to thank the professionals of our Trade. Neal at Reverb Nation, Ali at ISRC, and all of the Techs at ASCAP! I would like to thank, ALL of the Programers at Sony ACID7, Magix 16, and the Rolls Royce.... Native Instruments. It is through YOUR well thought out samples that makes my Sound Track Music work! I would also like to thank the Video Programers of AVS4 Video and Cyberlink Power Director Video Program for making our Video work stand out! To the core of our Video Political reasoning, MSNBC (specifically Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann) for always making me feel, and then take my feelings to a higher THOUGHT and then ACTION! You make Knight Productions work, yep I think we have the most creative News with YOU that's for sure lol! (small note: Knight Productions is Striking Concept's Video Political Arm).

But most of all I want to thank God, yes God. My very FIRST Friend when I was little and very scared of life, people, and living. I have come a long way from being seven years old and attempting my first suicide. I am now 57 years old, and ladies and gents.... and now declare fully.... I made it, I am still here.... and very much alive! Thank You All my “Beloved.”

You can purchase the full Album or tracks at Reverb Nation (other goodies there too)

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