Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Time To Change Knight Productions 4 and Social Concerns

2013 should be interesting for "social concerns." Education becomes more of an issue as ignorance seems rampant throughout the US especially. Next year Knight Productions 4 will look deeper into History, Laws, and how they affect not only us here in the US but all around the world. I would like to thank one of my Instructors Raven for her tutorials that yields me a better look for my work at Knight. Also many thanks to Devotions Recording Artists which keeps the Films HOT_HOT_HOT with Great themes and Musical intrigue.

Please check out one of my Instructors and Subscribe to her at You Tube.

Striking Concept Always for GREAT Music and GREAT Films

So here comes 2013, well guess it's time for a NEW Look and feel... from end tags, to entrances, Music, and Presentation. This is Striking Concept and WE LOVE GREAT Music and GREAT short Films! We are looking forward to a NEW year of working with the musicians of Devotions Recording, and Shade's teachers and our You Tube Friends to produce some amazing things. Check out Devotions Recording Artists as well at their Blog.